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Snapshot #1

Posted on November 12th, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There, The Moment. No Comments

Dorothee Smith1

I’m starting a serial post on Tuesdays of inspiring images. This series will provide a snapshot of what interests me at any given point in time. Why Tuesdays? Well, while Mondays get all the blame, Tuesday are usually a drag. I figure we all might need some help to get through the day.

This image is from my friend Dorethee Smith, an artist and philosopher. Dorethee’s photographs are stunningly beautify, as she captures intimate views of her subjects, revealing their inner courage and conviction.  A new monograph of her work (Löyly by Filigranes Editions) has just been published to coincide with Paris Photo, where she will be exhibiting this week.

Here’s wishing we all find the courage and conviction to be comfortable with ourselves, and to follow our dreams.

David, November 2013



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