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Bjørn Studio provides insight into how to incorporate sophisticated style into your life. We value a sense of place and time, presenting interiors that are modern and personal, intelligent and cultured, bold and functional. Whether you love modern or  more traditional interiors, Bjørn Studio will help you develop a personal style by providing ideas on decor, art, architecture and travel.

David Bjørngaard, my story

Bjørn Studio is my place to experiment with ideas, a personal blog where I can share my fascination with great design. It is a document of things that excite me now. Daily I work with great artists, artisans and designers, and in any given day I am exposed to new materials, resources and ideas about what is possible. These day-to-day exchanges are invigorating, and through this blog I want to share with you some of the experiences which excite me most.

I founded my own interior design firm, Bjørn Design, in 2016. I love working with clients to make their homes more inhabitable. This could mean making a kitchen function better, adding more storage in a closet, modernizing a bathroom, or finding that perfect piece of furniture…the one you have always dreamed about. While my aesthetic and design thinking is modern, I work on traditional as well as contemporary interiors. In practice, this means that I observe a space, simplify detailing and clarify function.

Through the years I have gained great experience working closely with several interior designers, including Interior Design Hall of Fame member Orlando Diaz-Azcuy. Yet my views about design, about space and light, were formed first in the countryside. There were rolling acres of wheat and the big sky. Long summer road trips, piles of history books, and design magazines fueled my imagination for design, providing freedom and a sense of possibility. This is when I learned how to follow the pattern of the sun, and respect the sense of place. This is when I learned the value of simplicity, integrity, and the idea of slowness. This is when I got a taste for exploration, and when I learned to dream.

Just out of school, in my 20s, I started working on television and movie set decorating. It was so much fun!  It was a young kids dream. I met wildly talented people who are real and smart, and worked with actresses such as Tilda Swinton and Hillary Swank. Design for film was fast, involving a combination of technology and wits, where I saw the commonplace transformed into the extraordinary. I learned that things we collect and surround ourselves with serve as stand-in for us…our objects tell the visual story of “who” we ARE. Because of this, I respect my clients’ stuff, helping to organize and display pieces into a coherent, positive and Oscar-winning narrative!

Traveling has been and continues to be the one constant in my adult life, informing my design. As a young adult I explored Europe and  Asia, where I lived and studied in Taiwan and Hong Kong. My design education later took me to San Francisco, Italy and Oaxaca, when again I learned through amazing individuals alternative ways of seeing and living life.  I have gained accreditation  from the University of Hong Kong, Bachelor of Social Science, Economics and Philosophy;  California College of the Arts, Bachelor of Fine Arts with distinctions, Interior Design,; and U.S. Green Building Council, LEED AP.

Thank you for taking the time to visit Bjørn Studio.  I hope you will join me on this journey to explore design, and to see where I end up next.

David Bjørngaard, August 2013 (updated June 2016)

David Bjorngaard in Jerusalem

David in Jerusalem