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Venice, again

Posted on October 16th, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There, The Moment. No Comments

Venice is one of those cities which you cannot go to enough, so I am circling back once again to tell this tale. The mysteries of Venice reveal themselves slowly, each time you go. On this last trip I explored more of the great culinary and artistic traditions which this great city has to offer.

My first stop on this trip was to the fish market, the heart of Venice’s culinary soul, where you see Venetians shopping for their dinner. I too wanted to know what was for dinner!

My favorite place in Venice is the Fondazione Querini Stampalia, a 700 year old library with modern and post-modern architectural interventions, and with an art collection of Baroque, Rococo, and modern art. The first floor museum and garden were designed by Carlo Scarpa. These spaces are a sublime ebb and flow of the water, the foundation of the city. I also enjoy how the work of Maria Morganti  (color field paintings) interpret the fantastic paintings by Bellini and Tiepolo. In many respects the play of old and new animate this museum, and the lack of crowds is refreshing.

Next we treated ourselves to the perfect Italian donut. Half the fun was navigating the city to get to this shop written … Read More »

Snapshot #8

Posted on June 3rd, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There. 1 Comment

Sean and I are back from our amazing trip to the Mediterranean.  So many inspiring images to share with you.

The one recurring image which I come back to is the neoclassical hall at the Museo Canova in Possagno, Italy. Picture a small Alpine town in the foot hills of the Dolomite Mountains, one and a half hours outside of Venice, arrived at by traveling down winding country lanes, past farmers at work in their fields, with the wheat blowing in the gentle breeze. By the time you get to Possagno, the architecture has changed and is more reminiscent of what one finds in Austria.

And then entering this small museum, at the birthplace of Canova, you realize the great history of art and architecture reach even this remote corner of Italy. The humble entrance by Carlo Scarpa does not prepare you for the great hall: the coffered ceiling, light and that floor! Using the floor plane as the source for decoration is repeated throughout Venice, especially in the work of Palladio.

Almost as an afterthought I mention the reason for the trip: we made this journey to view the work by Carlo Scarpa. The building Scarpa designed is beautiful, and expertly detailed. Here use of light … Read More »