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Posted on June 23rd, by David Bjorngaard in Elements, Inhabit. No Comments

Summer is finally here. Time to relax, get outside and enjoy the fruits of our labour in comfortable style. For outdoor spaces, the right mix of furniture has  flexibility, personality, durability and style. Above all, an outdoor space requires fun, sculptural pieces to compliment the organic shapes of nature. To help kick off your summer, get inspired, or find that right piece to mix into your outdoor room, here are a few of my favorite outdoor furniture finds.

Mix light and airy with solid volumes. For this outdoor space in Palo Alto I designed with Monica Ream and Stephen Verner, I paired oversized Lolah Lounge chairs with a Paola Lenti Otto footstool and Orlando daybed, resting on a custom concrete platform. The white curved slats of the chair create an organic volume, and echo the wood of the trellis. The solid shapes of the day bed and ottomans don’t compete with the chairs, while offering a really relaxed, carefree and flexible space to enjoy the sun, shade and pool. Click here to see more of this project.

Every outdoor room needs a piece of sculpture. The view is inspired, so should be your furniture. Simple, refined shapes mix well with the outdoors, and hold their own … Read More »


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When selecting outdoor furniture, there are so many options. It’s possible to find outdoor furniture that’s stylish and durable for all personalities, whether you want to be hip, retro, practical, modern or traditional.  All you have to do is choose the one that reflects the way you want to live.

If there is a trend, it is the marriage of material performance with advances in manufacturing technology to create shapes which are lighter, sinuous and stronger. Fabrics performance has also increased, to the extent that many outdoor fabrics are now being used in family rooms and kids rooms. Fabric durability means that you don’t have to worry about kids with ice cream cones and guests with red wine. And since outdoor fabric now feel and look like indoor fabrics, you can bring the comforts of inside life outside. This is California living!

Here are a few of my favorite pieces of outdoor furniture. I love how playful, novel and modern these pieces are. I hope these inspire you to get outside and enjoy the summer.

One trend in outdoor furniture is an emphasis on fun. New technology also allow for softer shapes, sharper curves and materials which are more durable.

The 70’s seem to be coming back, with furniture that feels cool, sophisticated, and sexy…ideal for the bachelors … Read More »