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Fog Fair 2018

Posted on January 23rd, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There, The Moment. No Comments

We just had the Fog Design+Art Fair, which is one of my favorite events. Once again Bjørn Design was a Fog Forum member, which benefits the SFMOMA’s Department of Architecture and Design. Unfortunately this year I was down for the count: a poorly timed infection meant that I stayed home for much of the fair, missing all the fun parties and lectures. On the very last day, however, I did manage to drag myself out of bed to visit the fair.

Color, line, texture, and ingenuity were on display, and this was our chance here in SF to see some of the best art and design from galleries from all around the world. Here are a few of my favorite things.


If you know me, you’re aware of my commitment to the local art community.  So I was happy to see some of my favorite local galleries supporting local artists.

Haines Gallery impressed with a selection from John Chiara’s latest show. In particular, I love this camera obscure work, “Westline Drive at Mussel Rock, 2017”

Jessica Silverman Gallery included new sculptures by Woody De Othello and visceral paintings by Dashiell Manley.

Fraenkel Gallery did not disappoint, and in particular I loved this Diane Arbus piece “Clouds on-screen at a … Read More »

Snapshot #18

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The traditional Japanese tea house is a humble structure, often set in a garden, that balances concepts of Wabi-Sabi  — the Japanese aesthetic centered on impermanence and imperfection. Hiroshi Sugimoto, the photographer, upturns the idea of this humble structure for the Venice Biennale, creating a glass box set in a pool of Bizazza Tile. Yet this Tea House captures the modern spirit with a mix of materials which are highly reflective and dull, rustic and modern, unexpected and common, durable and fragile, humble and refined.  I am a huge fan of Sugimoto, Wabi-Sabi and Venice…to me this is the perfect storm. Maybe you will agree.

David Bjørngaard, May 2106

Snapshot #16

Posted on March 24th, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There. No Comments

When I was 21, I moved to Hong Kong to study at the University of Hong Kong. I loved the efficient society, the dripping hot weather, and the food which is as good as it gets anywhere in the world. Hong Kong at the time was a melting pot of British colonial rule, and it was the entry point for every Western corporation which wanted to crack open the opening market in China. Ex-patriots from all over the world made Hong Kong home, and this farm-boy received a fast education on the ways of the world. My life revolved around welcoming new arrivals and saying goodbye to good friends, studies in Chinese philosophy and international economics, dinner parties and junket trips to swim on some outlying island, and the annual summer trip to Taiwan to earn my keep teaching English. No longer a gay misfit in Minnesota, I arrived in a place where I was a misfit and yet belonged, and I thrived off of the ping-pong of cultural exchange. I loved every minute of the 3 years in which I made my home there, and cherish the my friends and memories from those days.

The photographs of Michael Wolf’s exhibition and book “Architecture of Density” bring me back to … Read More »

Fog Fair

Posted on January 15th, by David Bjorngaard in Elements, Here/There, The Moment. No Comments

I had the opportunity to go preview the Fog Art + Design Fair 2015 yesterday morning. Really it was a chance for me to go see the show, have a cup of tea, snap a few pictures and write a blog post! Little more than a cheap marketing opportunity by Fog Fair, which I willingly joined. I’m a sucker, as I love many of the furniture companies and art galleries that exhibit at the fair. Art furniture, check! Top tier New York art galleries, check. Difficult art, check! As I walked around the fair with a good friend, I realized that this is the stuff which CCA alumni love: process, difficult, intellectual, not-mass-market, just like a CCA degree. To say the least, I was in my own little heaven. This is the world of design which I prefer for myself. So if you get a chance this weekend, go to Fort Mason and check out the fair. It’s not Room and Board furniture, but it is interesting arts and crafts.

Now, for the crunchy ceramics!

David Bjørngaard, January 2015

Snapshot #1

Posted on November 12th, by David Bjorngaard in Here/There, The Moment. No Comments

I’m starting a serial post on Tuesdays of inspiring images. This series will provide a snapshot of what interests me at any given point in time. Why Tuesdays? Well, while Mondays get all the blame, Tuesday are usually a drag. I figure we all might need some help to get through the day.

This image is from my friend Dorethee Smith, an artist and philosopher. Dorethee’s photographs are stunningly beautify, as she captures intimate views of her subjects, revealing their inner courage and conviction.  A new monograph of her work (Löyly by Filigranes Editions) has just been published to coincide with Paris Photo, where she will be exhibiting this week.

Here’s wishing we all find the courage and conviction to be comfortable with ourselves, and to follow our dreams.

David, November 2013